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Romantic Washington Destinations

Having lived in Washington State and the Pacific Northwest for more than half my life, I have found it to be a romantic paradise of things to do and explore. From quaint little towns along the coast or in the Cascades, to Seattle’s hypnotic cityscape and rich history, Washington State offers up an abundant supply of romantic getaways, vacations and honeymoon destinations.Visiting Washington State during the holidays is also a great way to celebrate your romantic side with your loved one as there are several destinations within the Cascade Mountains and the Pacific Coast that can make any holiday even more exciting.For instance the Bavarian town of Leavenworth about an hour and a half from Seattle in December is a very romantic way to spend your Christmas holidays.There are several German-themed Bed & Breakfast inns and fantastic timbered lodges that are scattered throughout the region and offer special packages for those looking to enjoy the town during the season.On the coast, in places like Ocean Shores and Long Beach, there are home rentals and hotels that pamper those who want to indulge in escapes away from the hustle and bustle of the 9 to 5 and who are searching for unique little shops and restaurants to release the tensions of a hectic work week.No matter where you travel to in Washington State, there is always something new to discover that can add some exotic spice and adventure to your relationship.And romantic Washington travel destinations just aren’t in the Western side of the State either! Eastern, Northern and Southwestern Washington each offer up their own style of excitement and things to see and do.Did you know that Eastern Washington has hundreds of wineries? How about gambling? There are several Native American tribal casino resorts in the region that also offer full service spas and golf courses.And some of the most beautiful scenery in the State can be found in the Northeastern regions too. Places with rich history and unusual festivals and events that make for an exciting way to spend a weekend away.Down in the Southwestern area you have the Columbia River and Vancouver with Portland, OR just across the bridge that offers its own unique twist.So, if you haven’t been to or you just moved to Washington State – take out the maps, fill-up the tank and grab some rain gear just in case and your sunglasses (did you know Seattle sells more sunglasses than most other cities?) and head out the door to explore this great romantic destination with your loved oneWho knows what you’ll discover about the State and each other!I Love this region of the United States and my wife and I, always find something new to do or see even if it just happens to be watching the weather from our living room window… Now that’s romantic!